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Gojek Driver Call Center as Driver Support

The Gojek driver call center is certainly provided by the company to make a sense of relief for its drivers as well. After all, a driver or more called an online motorcycle taxi is the spear of this company in running its business. If they do not get better service, the way they serve their passengers will also be disrupted.

On the other hand, this can also make it easier for passengers to track a driver’s whereabouts. So that when you’re curious and wait too long, you can know the exact location of an ojol or a motorcycle taxi online present. So if you’re near a motorcycle taxi online, hurry up right away and get ready to pay for it.

A Gojek driver’s call center can also make a motorcyclist online complain about all his complaints. Complaints, which are often a stumbling block for online motorcycle taxi drivers, usually have difficulty finding passengers even though they have initiated applications. In fact, it is not only an application error, but because of the driver’s own reasons.

The fault of a driver who may not wish to execute an incoming order or refuse it. So indirectly the system will also choose not to assign them jobs or tasks. Eat for motorcycle taxi drivers online, if you feel that you are getting a work order, immediately implement it and dispatch passengers.

This gojek driver call center can also be a way to denounce or warn motorcyclist taxi drivers online in enforcing their services to customers and passengers. So that their track record and performance quality cannot be carefully enforced. Both the system and the system must be rigid in nature.

Call Center Types By Area

The call centers themselves have a variety of types that are based on a variety of factors. As it stands, we will discuss the types of call centers based on the coverage location of their activities. So that when they receive complaints or sell their products outside the province and within their territory, they all have their responsibilities.

A local call center is a type of call center based on the first vaccination area. From the name alone, it can be assumed that this call center only serves all things related to local or local areas. It can therefore be concluded that the gojek driver call center  is an example of this type of call center.

Then there are the international call center services or what is more commonly called the International Call Center. This is aimed at serving customers or marketplace products from companies to international locations. In order for communication and international language skills to be required by the staff in this position.

From this explanation, it can be concluded that in order to serve and comfort its customers, companies must have these two types of call centers for a wider market share. Gojek driver call center is a certification of a company called gojek to serve its loyal customers in the country or local area.

Call Center Types By Owner

In addition, there are other types of call centers depending on the type of ownership. So in its audition, this call center really isn’t just for a narrow perspective. But they actually have their own roles and functions that are designed and organized according to the company’s SOP itself.

The first type according to the owner is the In-house Call Center. In this case, the company has its own call center to connect between members in doing their job. So that this type is the internal link of the company and is owned by the company itself. So that gojek call center drivers don’t belong to this type.

The second is Outsourced call centers. Usually for companies that want to further reduce costs in using their call center services, they prefer to use this type of call center service. Because they don’t need to provide a special room for their call center staff. They will provide this call center function to the call center provider company.

However, gojek call center drivers  are also not included in this call center.   This outdated call center  can reduce costs because the company will only pay for the service. These services are provided by call center providers. So the company that pays for the service does not need to prepare various items related to the call center and does not need to pay its employees.

Obstacles often presented by drivers

When using the gojek app, it doesn’t mean that all problems are only available to customers or passengers. But transport service practitioners such as online motorcycle taxi drivers themselves also experience a variety of problems. These problems are complex but in reality they can still be addressed and handled properly by the company itself.

A drawback that usually happens to motorcycle taxi drivers online themselves is that there is a deposit of names in their account that does not match the value level at the time of payment. It can be triggered because perhaps the system doesn’t read well enough of the nomination. The name is also a man-made system, there must be constant restrictions in order for the gojek driver call center to be more useful.

The second complaint from the drivers stems from a problem that the amount of regular payments from customers has not been factored in. It also sometimes happens to those drivers who when checking their balance does not match the normal payments already described. So it’s only natural for drivers to file complaints with the company.

The obstacles of these drivers pose a reference to Gojek in offering his services away from customers and motorcycle taxi drivers online. So that the presence of a gojek driver call center is expected to be a close friend to motorcycle taxi drivers online in their careers as a head of this company.

Positive Response to Call Center Service

Gojek in providing services really gives priority to customer satisfaction above all else. Because to them the client is  a king who must be consideredfor his safety, comfort and loyalty. Because big companies are not because of their skills, but because they are able to win the hearts of their customers in order to become loyal customers.

The Gojek driver call center is also one of the best services this company can offer to its drivers. Because apart from customers, they are also very worried about their partners who are their motorcycle taxi drivers online. Basically, driver is the key to success from this company to win the hearts of its customers.

Its customers and drivers responded very well and with good enthusiasm regarding the performance of gojek employees in addressing all issues related to field obstacles. So that these obstacles can be submitted and coveted directly to the company’s internal parties for evaluation.

To be based on this service, it is expected that drivers will be more enthusiastic in delivering the various orders they receive. Moreover, it is expected that the situation will make driver anxiety lower. So that if there is a sudden field problem occurring, the gojek driver call center is the solution.

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