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Maybe many of you don’t know if Telkoms cell SMSC numbers have changed now. SMSC stands  for Short Message Service Center or Short Message Delivery Center Service,  which is responsible for the smooth delivery of SMS.

Its function in wireless network messaging is to handle the processing of messages to endpoints. Not only that, but this service center also stores messages that you send before you finally reach the destination number.

Of course, for those who are still actively communicating using SMS, it is very important to know the SMSC number.  Because if the number entered in the settings of the Short Message Service Center is incorrect, there will always be a problem with the message.

The problem that definitely arises is that the mobile phone is unable to send messages and the service center always displays a message of short message update error (update failed). This will certainly be very confusing to your communication activities.

One of the causes that users of this SMS service often experience is that they do not know that the SMSC provider number has changed. One of them is Telkomsel, which recently changed the number of the Short Message Service Center.

You should not only know the new Telkomsel SMSC number, but also how to change it. Because we will provide as complete information as possible so that we can truly understand the importance of the new Telkom cell SMSC number that is now changing.

Telkomsel SMSC Number

The latest Telkomsel SMSC number you need to use at this point is +6281100000. This number is ensured to all providers under the control of telkomsel. The number of this short message service center changed a while ago and there are many users who do not know about it yet.

So, if you are using a provider on behalf of Telkomsel and you are having trouble sending messages, it may be because the numbers are not being updated.  Because  when you send a message, the message is first sent to the Short Message Service Center.

After leaving the service center, the message will be sent to the number you are going to. The service center also saves the message first when the destination number is inactive and sends it again when it is activated.

That’s why you should know that Telkomsel’s SMSC has just changed now. If you enter an invalid number, the message will not be sent.

SMSC Numbering Rules

Each provider has a different number, but it turns out that there are specific rules for SMSC numbering. This number is not just an arbitrary number, it has its own meaning.

SMSC consists of hexadecimal numbers that have a specific placement and open any number of placements. The following are the numbering conventions for the hexadecimal message service center singka t:

  1. the number is prefixed with the country code

As you can see in the new Telkomsel SMSC, the country code for Indonesia is now +62.  As for other country codes, of course, it is different, you can see a list of number codes from each country.

  1. There is a national code or an international code

For this code, you can see it in the number after the country code. The code for the Short Message Service Center number that belongs to the national provider is 81, and for international calls, it is 91.

  1. Inverted Number

If you pay attention to all the number of short message service centers in Indonesia, those numbers have almost the same number and only the location is reversed. In addition, the number used is very simple. As telkomsel SMSC has only changed now.

  1. Adding the letter F

The letter F is added to the number of this service center if there are numbers in hexadecimal that do not have a pair. Therefore, you can add the letter F to complement a series of hexadecimal numbers.

How to Change Telkom Cell SMSC

Some people may still be confused about how to change their Short Message Service Center number. Therefore,  we will explain it to those who are currently having trouble sending SMS.

  1. Open the SMS app

The first thing to do is open the app to send short messages on your phone.

  1. Open the settings menu

Once you have opened the application, you need to open the settings menu of the application. You need to choose other settings and choose the text message settings.

  1. See the Message center section.

When you select a text message, the Message Center section automatically appears. Make sure that the numbers listed in the section follow Telkomsel SMSC and change them now.

If it turns out to be inappropriate, you can replace it with the +6281100000 number. So, your SMS sending activity will be smooth again.

Learn more about the nature of SMSC

If you think that SMSC is a human being who manipulates complex tasks when sending messages, you are very wrong. Because SMSC is a combination of hardware and software technology.

Sure, it can be operated by humans, but it’s certainly only necessary when there are obstacles and maintenance. Because SMSC is a device, it must be reliable to minimize interference in sending messages.

One of the reasons why the new Telkomsel SMSC number is currently being replaced is to consider new, more reliable devices with larger itas cotton and higher throughput. In addition, this increase must be able to be extended to make SMS more accommodating.

This short message service center can not only communicate with other message sending centers, but also because with the rapid advancement of technology, this short message service center can communicate between servers using the SMPP protocol.

A simple example is that you can not only send messages using SMS using the number you use,  but also use  Whatsapp or other similar applications to send messages.

How SMSC works

To be able to send a message to a destination number, this process is not as easy as sending and receiving messages. The reason for this is that Telkomsel’s SMSC has just been replaced and, of course, sends the signal to HLR first using the STP signal of the message you want to send.

The HLR responds to the signal by checking whether the destination number is active and indicates where the number is. If the destination number is active, the message is sent immediately. However, if the number is not active, the Short Message Service Center will keep the message.

When a destination number is activated, the HLR sends a signal to the SMSC to provide the status of the location. The Short Message Service Center will then send you the message in a point-to-point format.

When the message is sent, you will see a notification that “the message has been sent” and SMSC will not send the message again.  If the Short Message Service Center is busy, it takes a long time for the messages you send to reach their destination number.

This is certainly for the convenience of the provider user. Not only when sending SMS, but also when sending messages using other applications that require the use of a phone number.  So the description of SMSC that Telkomsel has just changed is really something you have to understand.

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