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Acer Laptop Service Center, check the laptop with official insurers

 Many Ser Laptop service centers are spread across  all regions of Indonesia  . So if  you need a service about  some  of our products, you should look  for the nearest A cer service Point around  you.

Service centers are already available in Jakarta, Bandung, Acheh, Medan  and a number of other major cities.  You can find our service store  in  the place A nearby city. A type of service is provided at our service center, like  Cleanup components, check software and suppress the rate of customer complaints.

Since it was founded since 1976  , Acer products  can be said to be one of the other brands. For all customer needs will be best done.  Without  doubt with quality  , this does not mean that Acer products cannot be saved from damage  .

Get it easy if your Acer  laptop or notebook product is damaged. You can file a complaint directly to our customer service on the phone or to a    service top  Nearest. In the past, you can  automatically  check if you have your laptop with official or incorrect  insurance,  this is how  it is:

Acer Laptop Service Center has a sticker if you have official insurers

The  first way to check whether    your  laptop has official  insurers is very easy, check below.  Or it under your laptop; it’s very easy to identify, stickers are usually in the form of a hologram, so it’s very difficult to fake Fraud.

So there’s no need to worry about whether the insurance label is fake.  you   can also do this when you buy our  products  , make sure  to be impaired Always look if you have an official insurance label or not so it  makes it easier  later when  services are needed that can take advantage of  Our official insurer   claims.

If you are still not sure, you can take your laptop to the  nearest Acer laptop service center  .  Ask the staff to perform  tasks The task  is there to help check that the stickers are officially a sticker. This is nothing more than a guarantee  that Sticker  is genuine.

Every Acer product sold in official trading in Indonesia will definitely have this  label.  Check carely   Be aware of whether there is a badge underneath to make sure it has   an official  identity.There  is nothing wrong with guaranteeing  more than penance in the future.

Check out the Acer Laptop Service Center website in your browser

If you are not satisfied or are not sure other than checking the stick hologram to check the accuracy of the official insurance of your  Acer product.  You  can check Visit  directly via the website or website we provide to maintain the insurance state of a worried laptop  . This provides convenience in the service.

Especially in situations such as the current pandemic  if  you’re still not sure about leaving home.This  can  be done by checking through the website  if you stay Only afraid to leave home and interact with the outside’s.This  insurance review   aims to provide quick and easy access  with This website.

You can check   via the to verify and confirm this  .  After   opening   , there will be many sub menus selecting  the Sub Warranty menu Check. If you  fill  it in with  the serial number of your notebook or laptop.  To find out  the serial number of a laptop  , you can find it at the bottom.

If you filled it properly if you filled out  the column of the serial  number  listed at the bottom  of the  laptop properly.  click Submit to Continue to verify the installation  .  In addition to personally  visiting the Acer Laptop Service Center  , you can be sure you have an official certificate  .

Check Acer Laptop Service Center Warranty via SMS

In addition to   checking through Acer’s official website or website, you can also check by sending it via short message or  SMS.  This transmission  of SMS transmission seems very old fashionable, but there’s nothing wrong with using this approach.This  is probably due to a number of scenarios  where it can only be verified  through SMS.

Nobody knows what will happen in the future,  which is nothing more than making  customers of Acer products feel comfortable.This approach could Deemed unpopular, but the situation is that this approach is very suitable to try  if  an internet connection is not available.

The method is easy    , “sn (space)   Laptop series number  ” types in and 0811982237 it sent to the number. This is there    this number is intended specifically  for content  During the 13th century B.C.E., he stated: “Let us  not give    up in doing what is fine, for in due season we will receive a specific basis for every day  . ”

If the laptop you have officially guaranteed , by sending  a short message , you will know whether the situation is right  or not .  It’s  a matter  of waiting a  while to process it.It’s  true that nobody wants their story  damaged or irregular.

But insurance is necessary to prevent it. there is nothing wrong with   preparing umbrellas   before it   rains. to  check  what can be gained from Insurance you  can check Acer’s official page.  In addition to  these three ways above, there is also another way you can try.

Check out Warranty Acer laptop service centre has a guaranteed card

This type of check is obviously the most   common and    frequent.  This means checking through obtained insurance cards. In addition  ,  it means checking  through the insurance card obtained. The Acer laptop services centre will surely listen  before claiming this one.The  card will be added   when you buy a  new unit.

With some support documents on the laptop unit. Of course, this card is very easy to identify  and Le The series  is according to the unit you have on the card  . If a card is held and held  ,  it  can be quiet  can  be claimed when necessary  .

But remember that this official Acer insurance should be manually allowed, so it is not automatically direct. you can register a   percentage of  computers Your handheld to start activating insurance.  Not  all stores can be guaranteed, so you should check again if  it  is  registered.

There are many ways to register first, acer customer service centers can do this   by sending insurance cards and sheets Invitations    when buying to Jakarta. Not only can you scan the sheets and email

You can also register independently via Acer’s official website.    Choose Sub-menu  to register Warranty on the page.  Please bring That  the data  is correct and then submitted to it.Don’t  forget the previous two methods to make sure the insurance card is filled out properly.

We buyers should be    careful   to choose a product  because nobody knows what will happen after the unit  of  your choice  .  There are hardware and software insurance. Especially for  applications, This just applies to pre-empted  Windows  .

In case a problem occurs, you should be aware of the details of the problems you encountered before, so if there is a complaint later, there is no mistake in the report After that,   don’t hesitate to take it  to the nearest   location in your city.  The laptop service center provides  the best service to customers.

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