Different benefits of the Dominican document : Polibatam

Conditions and  procedures for proper management of the Dominican Document

For your residents who live in an area but come out of the area , of course you must have a domicile document .   The domiciliary letter is actually one of the documents that is needed for different purposes  . For those of you who  want to take care of banking , of course you should provide this file.

In general , this  information document is actually one of the needs of any kind of banking issue  . For those of you who  currently live in the Karta area , but do not know or know other areas , it is necessary to obtain this document.

The ownership of this Dominican document is in fact compulsory because it is directly regulated by laws and regulations .  These files are needed as  an administrative complementary process in some matters  . Other than this letter , you can find some obstacles and problems in administrative affairs to raise.

In addition to the need for banking ,  the damail document is also very useful for several things , such as marriage documents , job applications , and children ‘s school registration  . From these different benefits , have you received this  important  document ? It is time to pay attention to those you have not done  .

Different benefits of the Dominican document

The  location  is an important file issued by an authorized officer as written evidence that reports immigrants or registrars and previously residing in a permanent state  . In society , this  file is commonly  recognized by the Acronym  SKD  .

As described earlier , there are many uses of this SCd . Not only    are you used in banking , the company also needs a domicil document as the main necessity for tax and license management documents  . You will also need this file  when you apply for a job at the company  .

Meanwhile , the benefit of SKD property may also be in those who do not have the prudence to provide information in the form of information to map areas with the highest number of immigrants . In this case ,  information about the distribution of refugees can affect policies in registered areas .

For the Karta area , for example , it is known that the majority of the city ‘s residents come from refugee communities . Because of the information collected successfully from the SKD document , the Jakarta area has a special policy for each of its people .

At the same time , the government is also authorized to  carry out a zoning system  on new companies through the file.  The legality of The CQD is directly regulated in paragraph 15 of  the Population  Administration Law  .  Immigrants  are required to pay attention to the  moving information file through competent agencies such as village offices  .

Easy ways to make SKD documents

It is actually very easy  to make a domiciled  document  . Of course , you can be sure that you do not need the help of Scalper or other people for the management process . In general , you can pay attention to this SKD document without spending a penny .

Fully , you only needed to provide some of the needs that were needed by the local people ‘s office . The documents to be prepared include below . First , you need to attach your toledo card and family card documents . Then , apply for documents as well as data with an additional 6,000 stamps .

Third , the voice-raiser must also provide a cover document from the RTV parties . Additional advocacy documents are needed if the management process is carried out using the representative. For the last time , you should also provide a color photo of 3×4 in the size of 1 chart.

If all the above requirements are complete , the officer can  start applications  for domiciled information  at the village office  . Otherwise  , the village  will review the completion of the needs and if this is completed , the officer will carry out the process of obtaining the SKD file  .

These two letters have  a 6-month validity  period . In addition , this document can always be updated . Remember that  you can get a domicile letter , you should go to the RTV house to pay attention to the cover letter  . Without the cover letter , the SKD document will not be able to be published .

The requirements of the scand document are high

For those of you who are alarmed at understanding the process and process of domicil document management ,     you can then start looking at information through this article  . The domiciled  document administration is actually very simple , and it also needs to be met with the needs of the vit-e-blonki  .

If you need a domiciled document more than one page , you can simply repetitively prepare the requirements for the above file , according to the number of letters needed  .  Because the legal status of this document is very necessary , every immigrant must start protecting the document .

For those of you who are still having problems with the process of building this CD , here are some of the examples you can implement . If you are working during the day , identification letters from RTANDW can be kept in the afternoon or evening . You can also pay attention to introduction documents at the end of the week .

Scand management at the village office must be carried out within operational hours , starting at 08.00 for time . During management , a sotty blues money is not taken and can be obtained as soon as possible if the needs are completed . Finally , the extension of this document must take H-14 days .

Immediately complete the Dominican document

If you want to  change domiciles  , it will be necessary for the law to pay attention to the domicile letter . It is highly  recommended because when you consider the work in the meeting area , you will need SKD to manage administrative affairs well without any problems  .

Before moving , make sure you have also updated all information about population documents . One of the documents asked  is A-KTP . In the process ,  you will actually find some differences in management needs for domicil documents , which were different sub-districts , to the old domiciled provinces .

So far , the  process of placing E-KTP data has actually been facilitated .  For those of you who  take care of the placement of this data , you do not need to come and ask for an identification letter for RT or RW  . Directly , this is in the Presidential Law of 2018 96 is regulated by law .

In order to place the AKTP in the new domicile ,  Vitt Blonki can immediately bring a photocopy of the family card and credit card to the dokpil office of the origin area . Through the office office , you will receive a transfer letter in the intended area .  This information is also regulated in Law 13, 2006.

After the SKPWN document was released , the complainant also returned to bring the document and other additional documents , such as the A-Tadkart , in the new domicil . Then , wait  for the  motion document to come and the domicil document will be published as the basis for the creation of the Ki-KTP  .