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If you’re interested in becoming an online driver, the requirements for registering with Go-Car are surprisingly easy. In today’s practical age, it is even easier to provide a service that takes passengers by car. Especially now, online transportation startups such as Gojek are also popular.

In the current pandemic, not a few people have lost their main income. This is also due to many types of factors. For example, the company terminated the employment contract until the salary was no longer appropriate. It’s all because of the pandemic that has been going on until now.

When such problems arise, many people also turn to making a living. Every effort is also made to earn a monthly income. For now, the job that the general public is asking for is  to become an online motorcycle taxi driver (ojol) or a go-ker.

If you really want to be one of the drivers, the requirements for registering with GoCar are surprisingly easy. Before submitting a cover letter to the company, pay attention to what is required. Many people may say that the conditions for registration are simple and uncomplicated. But that’s not the case.

If anyone wants to enter a cover letter, they only need to follow a few conditions to their own car standards and driver’s standards. Once all the necessary things are met, you can submit a letter and the Gožek Party will make the choice. You can read the following review about the requirements themselves.

Get to know Gocar and its service offers

Before discussing further the terms and conditions required to register with Gojek, it is mandatory to know and know in detail what gocar is. Because if you know more about this, the service provided to customers is also better.

Gocar itself is a type of service that is often found in one of the online transportation applications known as gojek. Of course, this type of service is different from go-rides. If GoCar uses a car to take passengers, Go-Ride uses motorcycles to serve its customers.

However, for the service of using this car vehicle, it is actually chosen by many people because it has quite a lot of passengers. Even one car can be 5-6 passengers. It is very efficient, especially if you don’t have a vehicle to move from one place to another.

For the passengers themselves, it also depends on what type of car is used for registration. You want to be one of the drivers.  The requirements to register with Gocar are surprisingly easy, we will prepare everything specified and your request will be processed immediately by gojek. Therefore, drivers have many advantages.

Indonesia Gokar Driver S Yarat List

As a future driver delivering cover letters, make sure you have a good understanding of what my requirements are. In order to apply to become a partner of this Gožek, you need to understand the conditions. Carefree, the conditions for registering with Go-Car are surprisingly easy. Don’t be confused to meet all the points.

Here are two very important points of  the go-car list requirements, it turns out to be easy and must be followed by every person who applies to become a driver. The second is the requirements for the vehicle being used, such as the requirement to become a driver. If you want to join as a go-kar partner, anyone should consider these two things.

If any of the conditions are not met, you will not be accepted as an online transportation driver. Of course, the difference between the two is obvious. The driver is the one who takes the passengers to their destination. Although the vehicle is the  car used for delivery.

From here, you can find out if the registration requirements for gocar have become easier. No complicated paperwork is required. For a more complete review, you can understand a few things that include both key points at the time of registration. If you want to accept the application, don’t neglect the slightest.

Regulations concerning the motor vehicle used by the driver

As for  the conditions for registering a car it turns out to be easy not only for riders. Even the car you use must meet the requirements. Otherwise, you will not be accepted as a go-kar driver. See below for terms and conditions on how to certify the car itself.

  1. Car Year

Yes, the go-kar list turns out to be easy, and if you want to register as an online transport driver in Gojek, the first condition must be met is the year the car comes out. The vehicle you can use to become a go-go driver is 2012. If the vehicle is output under it, it cannot be used. On the other hand, the types of cars are very diverse.

  1. insurance

The vehicle must be covered by all-risk insurance and if it is damaged one day, you can use the insurance to receive service. To prove whether your car is insured or not, you can provide a policy of insurance. An insurance policy is what explains whether it is true that the car is insured.

  1. Full Letter

If you register as an Ojol driver, make sure that the vehicle has full characters such as stnk and license plate. The photos of the vehicle are arranged in such a way that both the front and rear of the vehicle are conditionally aligned. If you do not meet this one requirement, your application submission will not be accepted by gojek.

  1. Letter of permanent domicile

This document is meant to explain whether the vehicle is really yours or not. Even if it was bought from someone else. In order to clarify the document, it is necessary to write this letter as a complement to it.

  1. Vehicle Engines

Engines above 1000cc are the conditions given by gojek when registering. If the conditions are not met, the request will not be accepted.

  1. KIR Test

Some time ago, KIR testing was required on vehicles used to transport goods and people. Some branches require this requirement, while others do not.

It can be seen, the requirements of the go-kar list turned out to be simple, right?  All the above conditions are already in your car. You don’t have to take care of documents that take a long time. All requirements also concern the integrity of the car to which each person belongs.

I want to be a driver, these are conditions

In big cities and tourist destinations, online drivers who use cars are certainly sought after by users. Because privacy is better maintained and passengers don’t have to worry about how the weather is going. Have a good understanding of the requirements if you really want to be one of the drivers.

Do you want to be one of Gojek’s partners?  The requirements for registering gocar turned out to be simple. Please have your original ID ready. This has certainly become the main requirement for any job application application anywhere. This is necessary to prove that you are really native or already registered.

In addition, being an online transport driver, it is an issue that a driver’s license must also meet. Make sure the driver’s license I have is Type A and is still valid. Please attach this document when applying for registration. In addition, you also need a bank account, a smartphone and a valid mobile phone number.

If you would like complete information to submit your application, you can call 021-5084-900 directly or contact us by email This can be useful if you encounter problems during registration or if you need complete information.  How’s that, the requirements to register with Gocar turned out to be easy, please register yourself to become a partner of Gojek Indonesia immediately.

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