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How to  register grabfood drivers or  dealers for businesses

Many people ask  how to register a grabfood driver or trader in the company being operated. We know that grab now has services related to transportation, products and culinary activities.   The presence of different types of grabfood facilities  is  the most popular activity and  is always sought after by many entrepreneurs.

If  you have a culinary activity with a unique  and special menu, it would be best to  join a n grab member specifically for food.   Some of the options can be so simple.   In addition, the company is  also easier to recognize by many.   So that its development becomes faster and more measurable.

It can be said that because food customers can easily enjoy all the food only through their smartphones.    In terms of cost  , it has been adapted to the customer’s pockets without being lost.   Are you interested in grabfood?   First, understand some advantages and advantages when engaging  in the  development of such a promising  company.

Why you need to participate in Grabfood

Understanding how to sign up for a grabfood driver or trader is as important as opening up the possibility of continued business development.   The first reason  is that it has a wide range. At first, a company definitely  needs  a good presentation.   being part of grabfood allows many people  to know your food because  it is specifically one app.

Some people have their own way of making it easier for  their customers. Among the steps is the delivery order.  You get this condition  if you are involved in grabs. Because entrepreneurs only need to provide food according to the customer’s choice.  In addition, he will be accompanied by the driver directly to his destination.

The one who wants the maximum profit.  Being part of grabfood, especially traders, is the right solution to make a profit.   These profits can also be doubled beyond normal conditions.   All of this must also be added to an elaborate  menu that everyone can  accept.

Once you know how to sign up for a grabfood driver or trader, it means you open up opportunities for free promotions. We understand that promotion definitely costs a lot of  money.   It’s different when you’re already a grabfood member.   All kinds of cooking forms can be introduced for free because they have fallen under the  traction app.

How to sign up to become a Grabfood driver

The fig for the grabfood driver or merchant list is basically  almost the same as  for other  services.   As we know, grab has some special services. One of the attractions is the driver. Because it is easier to benefit from  points or suggestions for customers. It also enhances knowledge of food.

How to register  a grabfood driver or dealer by preparing the requirements  before signing up. These include motorcycles, driver’s licenses and identities. If all conditions are in place and ready to use, then you have effectively met all the requirements of the company. Another thing to keep in mind is the release year of the machine.  Try using a motorcycle at least in 2010.

After all the needs are in place, you should simply visit the policy in the affected areas. To simplify, you also  need to create a selfie photo and support for a new version of your mobile phone.   These two needs will definitely help potential drivers get official ID from Grab so they can be   used immediately.

It should be noted, how the registration of a gripper or trader  affects your performance. Because you need to prioritize the highest service to all customers.   Don’t let them be disappointed with the service you provide. It’s important to get more points.  Every customer  satisfaction is the key to the driver’s profits.

Needs must be provided if you wish to be part of grabfood merchant

How to sign up for grabfood driver or trader definitely needs preparation.   Especially traders, there are several requirements, such as the integrity of the workplace and the credentials of the culinary owner.   These rare ones are the name,  the restaurant’s location, the contact person, even if it’s an email.   At the same time, KTP is  useful as a collection of  capturing data when something happens later.

Another  condition is NPWP and swaphoto.   This N PWP is essential for anyone orang who runs a business or business. Because it will be a sign that they always pay regular taxes.  Meanwhile, swaphoto or better known as  a selfie  is  used as a condition that will be loaded during the recording process.

How to sign up for a grabfood driver or trader must also be included with a picture of the restaurant or activity site.   This means that some people must be taken clearly, such as  a representation, especially if  there is a special  logo, it must contain it. But if there isn’t one, it doesn’t make it a problem either.

The most important thing is to  include a list of menus or foods provided.   Take a photo and upload it along with the recording time. To satisfy customers, you need to use images without compromising the content.  This means that the picture and  reality are the same, so that buyers will not be disappointed.   As a result, they will definitely become  regular  customers of your booth.

Pay attention to some additional needs when participating

After knowing how to sign up for a grabfood driver or trader, there are some additional needs to be considered, namely related to the location of the restaurant itself.   Mark the location or location even if possible for the list based on coordinates using GPS services.   Later, this is useful when drivers visit the workplace.

It’s actually easy to mark coordinates with Google Maps.  That is, open the app through a mobile phone and then see the location location of the food company  you manage.   After finding it, slide the red pin until the word fallen brooch appears on the handicap.   Proceed by clicking  on  all the information on the  left side of the  lower corner.

In addition to coordinates or  locations, you should  consider  the calculation of kitchen turnover and the taxes that need to be spent  on the rkansas. There are two types of foods here, i.e. regular food and expensive taxed species.  If the type of sales is cheap, write down  the original price, so that customers are  only charged shipping costs for driver use.

However, if the cost of food is relatively expensive and requires a tax burden.   The buyer is then charged an additional fee as tax. This is overall to be one when you order food.  Then they get 2 extra costs, firstly shipping costs  and secondly food taxes.

You want to be a partner, here are the steps

Being an engaging partner now promises very good,  both  in terms of advertising  and sales turnover.   You need to know a few steps, the first is to make the first registration.   at this stage, food business owners must enter their  personal name, restaurant, email and phone number.   After that, there is an authentication code that must be entered.

If the grabfood driver or merchant list is effective  , the catch will check the validity of the data and then send the results to your email. Open the email to get the results of the check. So keep signing up because this level is the way to the expansion page.  In addition, it also gets a useful form on the next level.

Next, the next step is to fill out the form and plan the restaurant  sales plan  .   Fill in all the data carefully and carefully and make sure everything is filled out correctly.   Don’t forget to include the restaurant’s schedule or sales time.   The marking should be a clear time of business services.   because it affects the customer’s ordering process.

Pafrom  the final stages, enter the available cooking menu and add an image as an attraction for customers.   When completed, click OK to complete the recording.   If you sign up for a grabfood driver or dealer will catch a notification as a sign that the service is ready to use.

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